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In the 21st century we are becoming more and more intertwined with the concerns and demands of day-to-day living. People are so much more connected than they were even two decades ago when personal computing was in its infancy and the Internet was yet to become a reality. Today communication between people is almost instantaneous and with the cell phone, we can be contacted in just about any place and at any time. I make no judgment on new technology, our world is about change and this is often a good thing. However, I do lament the fact that though we may communicate with people readily, I am unsure that our personal connections are as close or lasting as once they were.

In solitude and quiet meditation, especially in the beautiful surroundings that our Earth generously provides we can, at the least,  find fuel for our soul. For in quiet peace we may regenerate our inner peace and be far more able to deal with the brazen trumpets and clashing cymbals of our day-to-day life. In "Lakeside" I wanted to express a sense of peacefulness by melding the sleepiness of a lake at early evening with the joy and abandonment of the yachtswoman as she enjoys sailing in  the solitude of her gorgeous surroundings.

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