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Savannah Sunrise


The great plains of the African continent known as the Savannah are vast places that seasonally change from lush grasslands to parched dust bowls. Yet for all that they harbor a vast diversity of life. During the rainy season these grasslands support numerous herbivores such as wildebeest, zebra and elephants alongside carnivores and scavengers such as lions, wild dogs and hyenas amongst others. Marked by the occasional acacia tree and small stands of stunted shrubs the dominant plant life is, of course the grass.  In this painting I attempted to capture the rising of the sun over these magnificent plains. The sun is out of shot to the left where the light casts a reddish tint over the trees. Though the painting is just a small view of this great wilderness, I hoped to convey the beauty of the ochre light from the sky and the graceful grey purples and muted greens of the deep shade.

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